JavaScript BACKEND developer

Fixed term/Zivnost/Freelance long term

A well-running 14 people US-founded startup with 8 software engineers on board, based in Bratislava working with global companies is looking for backend developers.
Join us and we guarantee you a great time with an awesome team, you will learn new stuff, have impact on the product, possibility to influence the technology decisions and no bureaucracy.
Since computer users spend most of the time inside their browsers, we are building a browser extension which can be compared to a a single-page offline-first app.
We have chosen a unified core strategy for all of the frontend platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android, Web, Windows, OS X which is written in JavaScript as well as the backend - Node.js.
There is also only one responsive UI across all of the supported platforms, with minor differences for each of them.
• Node.js
• Docker
• CI / CD
• Couchbase
• Kubernetes
Browser extensions and Mobile apps
1. UI - Angular.js + HTML + CSS around 20% of the code
2. Core App - 80% of the browser extension code which is pure JavaScript, consisting of:
• Form recognition for login, credit card, address and other form types
• Enc/decryption part
• Injected notifications inside the browser
• Data models for accounts, credit cards..
• Code injection in to websites
• Rest / Http client for communication with the backend
• PouchDB client-side database
• Authentication / Authorization
• Either you know JavaScript or you can help us with our infrastructure
• Participation on technology decisions and product improvements
• Bug fixing, code reviews
• Taking responsibility for your decisions as a team member
• On-site position in Bratislava
• At least a basic level of English

Moznost prace na zivnost alebo TPP. Praca v mensom, ale kopmaktnom teame, kde je prijemna atmosfera a kolegovia su skvelou partiou, ktora chodi spolu aj na hory.

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