Digitalization Architect

Digitalization person will be responsible for supporting successful implementation of the Digitalization of process. Supports the assesment of various apps, bots (automatization robots), data analytitcs applications and other solutions that enables to futher increase service quality. For example automatization of accounting procesess. There will be close cooperation with vendors but also managemet of company to introduce them new ways and possible appls, bots for improving procesess. This person will work with various technologies SAP on premise, or cloud solution, user interface, automation tools, process mining tools etc.)
You need to have practical experience with ideas how to automate the process for example from financial area, so if you have a hands on ERP user experience from business point of view, this might be potentialy interesting. This is not technical job, it does not require to do actual automatization. There will be vendors providing it, but there need to a strong analytical person with if its suitable to accept new software update or rather try to automate the process.

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