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Chcete sa venovat prevratnej technologii a uzasnym veciam v oblasti Industry 4.0? Mame pre vas skvelu sancu naskocit do uzasne technologickej firmy ktora ma TOP produkt na svete. Je to prava Slovenska firma, ktora ma svoj produkt celosvetovo uznavany a vyhladavany.
Senior C++ vyvojar? Ostatne ta v tejto skvelej firme naucia.
Senior Machine Vision Engineer
Location: Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Job description:
You will design and implement approaches to solve problems in various fields of 3D processing, such as object recognition, image processing, or compression; will follow a create-implement-test loop in a close cooperation with other researchers and programmers.
• Profound skills in computer vision
• Experience in machine learning
• Good programming skills C++
• At least one academic work on the topic of computer vision or machine learning
• Brave enough to test theories in practice
After a quick introduction, you will get a task – problem description. You are expected to raise questions and define the problem, do a quick research, propose and discuss ideas how to approach the problem, and implement one or more ideas to test in practice and fine-tune details of the approach. If necessary, this process is reiterated to deliver the optimal solution.

Tento job sa hodi programatorom, ktori maju matematicke zmyslanie a matika im bola vzdy blizka. Pozname sa dobre aj s CEO firmy, ktory dany produk spolu s teamom dostali do Top produktu sveta. Su to ale ludia z nohami na zemi a velmi priatelsky.

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